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Not sure about where and how to begin your sustainability journey? Adva’s here for you!

With growing focus on individual contributions to the reversal of climate change and its effects on Earth, Adva will help you to not only track and reduce your environmental impact, but also earn you rewards for going green!
Adva is a sustainable lifestyle app and environmental impact tracker, enabling you to reduce and offset your CO2 emissions by curating tasks that cater to your daily lifestyle and interests through gamification. It also helps you track your progress in terms of electricity, carbon and water saved - and helps you contribute to Gold & VERA certified carbon offsets!
With its adaptive technology, Adva uses insights from your lifestyle to recommend tasks to complete and build on a foundation of sustainable habits and behaviour. Based on your daily lifestyle habits like dietary and mobility preferences, the app guides you along in making lifestyle changes towards eco living. On top of helping you go green, Adva rewards you for your efforts too!
Through gamification and a curated user journey, see how your actions influence the growth of a virtual planet you own with the My Planet feature on Adva.

Here’s how Adva is a crucial step in your sustainability journey:
Become a Sustainability Champion
* Understand which parts of your daily life affect your carbon footprint
* Learn how the choices you make impact the environment
* See the ways in which you can help the environment
* Track your sustainability progress with our reports on your electricity, carbon and water saved and earn rewards for going green for Earth!

Complete Tasks and Build Sustainable Habits
* Tasks curated especially for you based on your interest selections
* Build simple sustainable habits that empower you to make better lifestyle choices
* Complete tasks daily and log them on the app to achieve your daily carbon reduction goals

My Planet
* Create your own virtual planet
* Complete challenges in various fields such as recycling and energy-saving to earn rewards and grow your planet
* Choose from a multitude of exciting themes and learn more about our ecosphere

Carbon Offsetting Programs
* Some lifestyle choices lead to excess carbon emissions that cannot be reduced through daily activities
* Offset excess emissions by contributing to projects that are creating positive social and ecological change
* Inspire yourself and people around you to develop sustainable lifestyle habits and choices

We at Adva believe in the power of people and their individual actions in helping to save the Earth and address the impact of climate change. Start your personal Net Zero journey with us now!

All data captured within Adva is stored securely and will never be shared.

Get to know more about Adva below:
Instagram: @we_are_adva
Facebook: @AdvaSustainability

Got questions? Reach out: [email protected]