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SpongeBob Stickers!

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Ahoy! Dive into the official SpongeBob SquarePants Stickers iMessage App! Featuring SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward, you can take your nautical nonsense to the next level by using these stickers on all your photos and in all your chats.

* Download then enable in iMessage Settings!

EXPRESS yourself with animated SpongeBob Stickers!

SCALE & ROTATE to layer your stickers onto photos, videos and messages!

MORE than 20 animated stickers included!

Sticker Instructions: Download the SpongeBob Stickers iMessage app!
- Launch Messages from your home screen
- Tap on the arrow symbol to the left of the text space
- Tap on the App Store symbol
- Tap on the symbol that shows 4 dots on the bottom left
- Next, tap on the + symbol – this will take you to the app store
- Tap on the ‘Manage’ tab
- Search for the ‘SpongeBob Stickers’ app and make sure the toggle is set to green
- The SpongeBob Stickers app will now be ready to use – don’t forget they won’t appear on your home screen but in the iMessage app drawer. Simply scroll through to find them!

Tap to send, or touch and hold to layer stickers over text bubbles, photos, videos and even other stickers!

Animated Stickers Include:
SpongeBob - Yes
Patrick Star - No
SpongeBob - Hi
SpongeBob - Bye
SpongeBob - Laughing
Squidward - Frustrated
SpongeBob - Happy
SpongeBob - Sad
SpongeBob - Blows Kiss
SpongeBob - Shocked
SpongeBob - Band Geeks
SpongeBob - Waiting…
SpongeBob - “Who Put You On The Planet?”
SpongeBob - “24?”
SpongeBob - “25”
Patrick Starr - Surprised Patrick
SpongeBob - Biting Lips
SpongeBob - “Are You Ready To Party?”
Patrick Starr - “I’m Ready To Party!”
SpongeBob - Thirsty
SpongeBob - Rainbow

Cellular connection and iOS 10.0 or later required.

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