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The firmware update tool is a free application to update firmware over the network for printers / multifunction printers made by OKI.

-Update firmware for a printer / multifunction printer made by OKI.
-List all the printers / multifunction printers on the network that are made by OKI.
-Check internet Firmware Distribution Server to confirm whether or not the selected printer / multifunction printer can be updated.
-If the printer / multifunction printer can be updated; by selecting [Start update], it will automatically download a latest firmware from the firmware distribution server (s) on the internet.
-The update for the selected printer / multifunction printer will start when the firmware download from the server has successfully completed.

Downloading files via the internet is greatly influenced by the customer environment (such as the presence of firewall). OKI therefore cannot guarantee this process and cannot accept responsibility for the outcome.
Depending on your network environment and the printers / multifunction printers you are using, the time taken to download firmware from an Internet Server or update a printer / multifunction printer's firmware can vary considerably.

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